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Welcome to the home of the PokerDiagram podcast! We hope you'll listen in to our adventures in online real money tournament poker - played live at online poker sites - though we only recommend it if you're actually interested in the game, otherwise it'll be boring and rather confusing. But if you want to hear online poker action at the best poker websites, described and analysed as it happens, along with a little idle chat and banter from two clueless Brits... well, friend, you're in the right place.

Downloading the PokerDiagram podcast
Show 58 - Back Again, The Return Part Deux is out now.

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More poker blogs and stuff
We're not the only ones putting out a poker podcast here in the UK... check out what Paul (aka "Vster") and his mates are up to at at; their blog is at at

God doesn't play dice
And you might also like to check out this poker blog, from a UK-based friend of PokerDiagram.

Podcast technology
We've been using the Rode Podcaster to record our recent shows - click here to see what we think of it.


We love poker, but we love a well-mixed drink almost as much. With a little help from Keith, our official mixologist, we've put togther a page dedicated to some favourite cocktails. (Zog's actually a bit of a wizard with a shaker himself, but Keith buys better booze - plus we just wanted to have an "official mixologist" on staff. )
A dry martini, a mojito, and Zog posing with a Rum Lola

Cool stuff from our listeners
Our speculation about poker books for children struck a chord with Chris, and he sent us this relevant photo; James G is still playing with fire at his Bad Beat BBQ; and listeners Greg, Simon, and Special K also blog.

Some chat about randomness and card order in one of our shows set Short-Stacked Shamus thinking... his blog, Hard Boiled Poker, is very, very good.

Of course, our listeners play poker to a high standard. But if you're looking to take advantage of lesser lights, has rated all of the fishiest poker sites so you can find the easiest-to-beat poker players.

PokerDiagram forums has kindly set up a forum dedicated to the PokerDiagram podcast, so now there's a place to catch up with other PokerDiagram listeners, and another way to get in touch with us. We'll try to post as often as we can, and we hope you will too - whether it's about the show, on-line poker strategy, where to play, what books to read... share your thoughts.

The Hammer!
Thanks to Chad, we can now offer this most excellent pictorial representation of why 2-7o might be called 'the hammer'. We love it, but we're not quite convinced…

Another visual interpretation of The Hammer, from Rachel, is here. This one has us almost convinced that there's something to this hammer thing...

And here's another hammer picture from James G; we recommend that you don't try this one at home.

Who are we?
This whole misguided venture is brought to you by these two good-looking chaps:

P Ireson © 2005

Henry's the startlingly attractive, smug-looking one on the left. Zog's the startled-looking, smugly handsome one on the right.

History & Culture
So how did all this PokerDiagram nonsense start anyhow?


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